Fees for in-person, telephone, or netmeeting consulting, coaching, and counseling services are $100 per hour (long distance telephone charges are the responsibility of the client and will be billed separately).

Fees for email consulting, career research, and cover letter writing or editing are also $100 per hour billable in 15 minute increments.

Fees for resumes vary based on the complexity of the resume development and the level of client's experience. Executive clients typically fall in the $300 to $400 range. College students and clients with one or two years of work experience fall in the $175 range. Everyone else is in between $175-$400.

Payment is due either at the onset, during and at the completion of services, or some combination, thereof.

Fees for corporate services vary and are published separately.

Fees for career development services are often tax deductible. You should contact a tax professional to determine your eligibility.

Fees may be paid by check.